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tv   The Early Show  CBS  May 3, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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man hunt. police say this newly released surveillance video could point to the man behind the botched times square car bomb. we'll bring you the latest on the search to find him. as oil from a ruptured well continues to gush in the gulf of mexico, president obama vows that british petroleum will pay. we'll speak with the ceo of bp. severe southern storms leave at least 15 dead as thousands are forced to evacuate. is relief in sight? and united and continental get set to become the world's largest airline. is that good news or bad news? we'll take you inside the $3
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billion merger early this monday we'll take you inside the $3 billion merger early this monday morning may 3rd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs on this very wet monday morning, maggie is off this morning and sitting in for her is betty nguyen. good morning.itting in for her >> good morning, everybody. >> we've got a lot of news to get to. first the hunt is on for the man who may have been behind the wheel of that botched car bomb saturday. jim axelrod is there and has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the key may be in one or two of the thousands of security cameras here in times square. since the about himming attempt, police have been combing through hours of surveillance video looking for a suspect. the nypd is focused on finding a white man in his 40s seen here changing his shirt in an alley near the vehicle with the bomb.
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in the video, he's looking back at the suv as he leaves the scene just at the time the bomb was set to go off. sources tell cbs news the bomb found in the nissan pathfinder was crudely built with little chance of detonating. but the people packing times square saturday might certainly didn't know that. >> we heard an explosion sound. we didn't know what it was, but everybody started running and they made us run, too, because we were scared. >> reporter: the path glt finder had three propane tanks inside, two red five gallon containers filled with gas, two crocs with batteries and electrical wire, fireworks and 100 pounds of fertilize ergs though not the kind that could explode about. >> it would have caused a significant fireball. clearly it was the intent to cause mayhem, to create casualties. >> reporter: duane jackson was one of the hero, a street vendor selling t-shirt just eight feet from the car.
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he called over a mounted cop when things didn't seem right to him. >> looked inside the window and there were the keys in the car and the car was running. and then you heard this little pop, pop, pop, which was almost like a firecracker going off and stuff. and then the sparks inside the car. could you see them. >> reporter: the suv had connecticut plates that did not match the vehicle and were traced to an auto repair shop there. and u.s. officials tell cbs news they are not putting very much stock in claims from the taliban in pakistan taking credit for the attempted bombing. harry? >> jim axelrod in times square here in new york. thank you. joining us from washington is the secretary of the department of homeland security, janet napolitano. madame secretary, good morning. >> good morning. >> does this feel like a solo act or do you believe a conspiracy might be involved? >> i think that we don't know enough yet to conclude one way or the other. i think we know that there are
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investigative leads that need to be pursued. they are being pursued through a joint task force including the new york city police department and fbi and law enforcement officials from our department. so every lead that has been generated is being tracked to its source. >> this has been described as amateurish, we think about zazi oig. is a successful terror at track inevitable in the united states? >> every time an event like this occurs, we send information out to state, local law enforcement. they are the eyes and ears of the law enforcement community around the country watching out for abandoned vehicles or this this case as a very alert pedestrian noticed, you know, smoke coming out of a vehicle. everybody needs to be and is a
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part of the process here of being watchful, of being vigilant. but can we give you 100% guarantee that one these things might not be successful? no. we can only work as we are to make sure risk is minimized. >> because it's interesting. one of the newspaper he is said 11 times that new york has been at least the target of an attack since 9/11. most of these failed hfr-clearly failed attempts. but as long as the door gets knocked on enough, it seems like at some point something will happen. do you think the country is mentally prepared for this? >> oh, i think we have a very strong mentally prepared country and i think new york city has one of the most robust law enmee enforcement and security structures of the entire country.
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so, yes, we work together to minimize risk and if one of these attacks were to, in fact, succeed, we would be prepared to respond very quickly. >> secretary janet napolitano, we thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. now to the growing disaster in the gulf. it is a race against the clock to try to stop the massive oil flow from turning in to what president obama calls a potentially unprecedented environmental disaster. mark strassmann is in empire, louisiana with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. navy admiral in charge of emergency operations here says that this oil leak could get as much as 20 times worse, that's 100,000 barrels of oil a day or 4 million gallons, which is why president obama came here urging the fastest possible fix. >> how do we plug this hole? >> reporter: this is now a race against time. so president obama came to louisiana to inspect this emergency operation and to
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remind everyone especially bp about the top priority, seal that gushing well. >> so let me be clear. bp is responsible for this leak. bp will be paying the bill. but as president of the united states, i'm going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis for as long as it continues. >> reporter: every day, another 5,000 barrels of oil leak into the gulf of mexico. bp, the oil giant responsible here, blames a faulty piece of equipment it's trying to repair. >> this is like doing open heart surgery at 5,000 feet in the dark with robot-controlled submarines. >> reporter: this growing spill now stretches 130 miles long, 70 miles wide. the size of puerto rico. landfall is projected in the theks next 72 hours somewhere between louisiana and alabama. >> all this is my office. rurt pete young is a fishing boat captain in venice, louisiana. worried that waves of oil could
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kill fishing in these marshlands and his livelihood. >> without this, we have nothing. we're going to be in a lot of trushl if something doesn't happen. >> reporter: for fishermen like him, this spill just went from bad to worse. they're all out of work for at least nine more days because a fishing ban is now in effect from louisiana to part of the florida panhandle. >> mark strassmann in empire, louisiana. thank you. joining us now from houma, louisiana is the ceo of bp. we heard the president say bp is responsible for this. does your cota 100% responsibility for this leak and the costs associated with it? >> this is not our accident, but it's our responsibility to deal with it, to arrest the leak, to deal with the oil on the
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surface, to ensure there is no or minimal environmental damage. and where there are legitimate claims for business interruption rum , we will make that good. >> so the people affected, whether businesses affected by this oil spill. >> that is correct. >> and when it comes to those livelihoods, can you give the folks who are affected any indication of how long it might take for this leak to be contained? >> we're working on three options in the subsea. the first is the intervention on what's called the blowout preventer which is the valve system at the top of the well which has failed. it's you been precedented the failure, but it has failed. we're using submersible robots to work on that. it's a bit like doing open heart surgery at 5,000 feet beneath the surface.
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the second operation we're working on is to install -- you can think of it as the hood of your oven across the top of the leak to channel the oil to surface and deal with it on the surface. that will be in the field next weekend and the third thing that we're doing is we're drilling a relief well to intersect this well and that began operations yesterday. so that's the leak arresting. in addition to that, we clearly have a massive, massive operation on the surface to contain the spill. we're doing something that's never been done before. we're deploying disbursement on the seabed at the source of the leak. that appears to be having a significant impact on the a oil getting to the surface. on the surface, we have a fleet getting to the surface. on the surface, we have a fleet of 100 vessels to contain the spill. we are disbursing disbursent
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from almost an air force of planes before we have five planes including two hercules c-130s deploying disbursement p. and thus far we've been successful in not letting this get to the shore and we are absolutely focused on that. in the event that it does get to the shore, we've launched an enormous effort with the local communities and the national guard to defend the beaches. and in the last 48 hours, we've signed up 700 fishing vessels. we've trained 3 1/2 thousand people in how to deal with it and that effort will continue to ramp up. we're working very closely with the local communities to ensure that they are prepared should oil reach the shore. >> we appreciate your information this morning. the ceo of bp. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much.
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so much in unchartered territory here with an unprecedented amount of oil coming out. >> and growing by the day. >> indeed. and since you're here and maggie is off, chris wragge is at the news desk. >> who is right, left? good morning. this morning in nashville, the cumberland level is at itsest level in 50 years. the storm left 15 dead. tennessee and mississippi hardest hit. jeff glor is in gulfport, mississippi for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. here in gulfport, the relentless rains continue this morning, but as you mentioned, the situation even worse farther north in nashville. floodwaters closed interstate 24 stranding car and sleeping away a christian school building.
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it's already the wettest may on record in nashville with 13.5 inches of rain by sunday night. and in some areas southwest of nashville, almost twice as much rain fell. more than 24 inches. near memphis, the storm hit annie beasley especially hard. >> it's destroyed our home, it's our first home. and we've got a baby coming in a few week. >> reporter: 200 miles west in scotland, arkansas, a tornado friday night flattened michael stobaugh's home. >> our living room is in our neighbor's house. >> reporter: people are bracing for more of these storms today with the possibility of more flooding and more tornadoes. chris? >> jeff glor in gulfport. thank you very much. a police officer in detroit has been killed, four others wounded this morning.officers were responding to a 911 call. they were met with gunfire as
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they approached the home. the officers and a suspect were taken to the hospital. a handgun and drugs were recovered at the scene. an investigation is currently under way. the fda is investigating a drug company following a recall. johnson and johnson voluntarily recalled over 40 children's liquid medications. the drugs include tylenol, tylenol plus, motrin, zyrtec and benadryl. some of the drugs may have a higher version of the active ingredient, but the fda says the chance of a serious problem is remote. and helen wagner, star of "as the world turns," has died. >> they need all my love and support. don't let me let him down. please, god, tonigdon't let me him. >> wagner spoke the first words on the show in its premiere in 1956. "as the world turns" completes its run with it last episode to air this september.
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she played nancy hughes for more 50 years, hold be the guinness world record for playing the same role in a television series for the longest amount of time. helen wagner was 19 years old. let's switch gears and talk a little weather and bring on dave price with the first check of this morning's weather. lots of weather all around the nation. a lot going on. not a great travel day. and let's talk with our weather headli
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16 past the hour. that's our first look at the weather picture this morning. harry and betty, back to you. coming up, a new picture of maddie mccann. we will have the latest on the search for the little girl who vanished three years ago go today. also, united and continental plan to create the world's largest airline. what does that mean for you? we'll find out from our travel expert, peter greenberg. and conan o'brien breaks his silence and takes some shots at jay leno. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ a day once dawned ♪ ♪ and it was beautiful ♪ so, look, see the sights ♪ that you learned ♪ from the morning [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans.
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get answers about annuities at there's a big merger going between continental and united. has all kinds of ramifications.
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everybody said what happens to my frequent flyer miles. but it will have other kinds of ramifications in terms of regional airlines and how they get fed in to the hubs and everything else. peter greenberg who knows all will be along in a couple of minutes to help explain to folks and let them know how it might affect them 7. we're also going to be talking about madeleine mccann. three years ago she disappeared at a portuguese resort. well, there is more information as to possibly what may have happened to her. her parents are worried that the case may have gone cold, but we have a new image today on what she may look like. again, sain, she disappeared th years ago. we'll have the latest. >> we'll be back right after this. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the u.p.s. store. we do a lot more than shipping. my muscles just ache...
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it's a warm and humid and wet morning. here's the first warning doppler weather radar. the rain's in the forecast for the next few hours and look at the day, we'll see the clouds breaking up and we could have thunderstorms later on. we're in the 70s now and 84 is the high and now, over to sharon gibala for wjz traffic control. well, the wet roads made it a busy morning. we have a lot of accidents to talk about. and this is the backup to whitemarsh and that will cost you 16 minutes and watch for
7:26 am
the wreck on 648 and often within 70 westbound and an accident in windsor mill and milford mill road and two in the city and pennsylvania boulevard and mount olive and one more in edgewater and fire activity in the east avenue and 83 southbound, you're looking at the delays and the same for the beltway. there's a look at the drive time. visit for a free wrap offer mr. >> the ceo of the baltimore city school systems is part of the debate about the rampant bullying in classrooms. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: he admits that the administration must do more to keep the elementary schools safe. and this little 8-year-old girl transferred schools because of
7:27 am
bullying and now, the teachers are claiming they've been bullied and the doctor thinks that the most recent cases are troubling because of kid's young ages. there they'll check to see if the protocols were followed an they'll also check into the community and parents. and the police are searching for a juvenile that escaped from a school in parkville. two escaped before 9:00 by climbing a fence in the facility. one was apprehended this morning and another on the run. >> the race for governor is stepping up. and over the weekend, the governor addressed the spring convention. and he says he's tired of the record unemployment job losses and tax increases in the state. the baltimore farmer's market is open under the jfx. and the market is open now
7:28 am
every sunday from 7:00 until the farmer's sell out for that day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:30 am
oh, to be young. i don't mind standing in the rain. welcome back to "the early e show." we'll meet those folks in about a happen an hour or so. coming up, it could become the world's largest airline. united and continental announce plans to join forces today. but what does that mean for you especially if you're a frequent flyer. we'll ask our travel expert, peter greenberg about. and conan o'brien broke his silence. it was his first interview since being booted as host of the tonight show. and he sdnd hodoesn't hold back.
7:31 am
we'll bring you that in just a bit. but first, today marks an unfortunate anniversary. it was three years ago that madeleine mccann disappeared from her holiday resort in portugal, but so far there are no real leads on what happened to her. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palm ser is in london with more. >> reporter: yes, overs last three years, there have been literally hundreds of alleged sightings of little madeleine, but not one has panned back. her parents hope one day they will find her alive. and to mark this anniversary, they've released a new video. ♪ its focus, the mccann's search for their daughter three years nonstop handing outposters and photos, combing the internet, and responding to tips from the public. the couple have also spoken out in an interview on portuguese tv about what they saw the night madeleine vanished. >> the shutters which had been
7:32 am
down all week, and when i went in and there was a gust that blew the quarter continues open, that's when i noticed that the shutter had been pulled up. >> reporter: on the night of may the 3rd, 2007, the mccanns left their three children sleeping in the family's vacation condo and went to dinner at a restaurant 100 yards away. around 10:00 when kate went to check on the children, she found madeleine was gone. the mccanns have dismissed the theory that she wandered off. they're convinced she was abducted. >> is it theoretically possible madeleine left the possible, then yes. do we think she was capable of leaving the apartment and by which exit did she leave, then absolutely not. >> reporter: since 2007, photos of madeleine have been widely publicized, one shows her distinctive right eye, another is a projection of how she might look two years on.
7:33 am
all of them designed to provoke someone somewhere to come forward and shed some real light on a little girl's fate. the mccann's are now saying that they'll ask the portuguese police to reopen their investigation to follow up leads that private investigators have uncovered, investigators working for the family. >> elizabeth palmer, thank you. joining us from washington is pat brown, author of the profiler. good morning to you. >> good morning, betty. >> there's been some criticism by the mccanns about the investigation, specifically saying that not much has been done. is that truly the situation or is it an instance where the leads have just gone cold in this case? >> well, i think it's a combination of a lot of things. one is that one theory was that the child was abducted. and another theory was that she died in the apartment and h this of course is the theory the mccanns aren't too happy about. and they don't want that one out there. and so they're still angry at the portuguese police. and this is one thing i don't
7:34 am
think they should bring up at this point in time. after three years that they're looking to get the cooperation of the police, it's not the time to say you're not following up our leads and they also mentioned that it's possible they aren't following up the leads because they don't want the child to be found alive because that would be embarrassing. not what you want to say. you want to keep it positive and say -- ask for somebody's help and not bring anything negative into the conversation. >> how important is this new picture of what possibly madeleine looks like today going to be to that investigation? >> i think it's very important to have both pictures out there, one of course so that the people remember her at the time so if they're looking back and they remember seeing something, they will say, oh, yes, that was madeleine. and the other picture is terribly important because if she were still alive out there, then they would obviously want to have people looking for the child as she is today. >> and private investigators found any significant leads that you know of? >> not that i know of. even since the very beginning when they have believed that the private investigators had great
7:35 am
leads that weren't being followed up on, i never saw that they panned out to be anything and they're saying that there's other leads that aren't being followed up and i don't know what those are and i don't think anybody really does. i don't know what leads they could be finding at this point in time. >> so at this time, should it be more about closure for the family or truly is there a situation where possibly she could be found alive? >> well, for the mccanns, if they're innocent of any wrongdoing in this whole situation, of course they're going to continue to want to search for their child. they're always going to believe their child is out there. that would be normal for any parent whose child has gone missing. they're not going to give up on her. so they're doing the right thing in that sense that they're trying to keep her in the public eye. and quite frankly, this child has been seen everywhere. i mean, as far as missing children go, she's one of the most publicized missing children in the world. so that's one of the most unusual things about h. with her picture out as much as it's been out there, she would have to be pretty well hid gone her not to have shown up anyplace at h point. >> the parents are definitely holding on to hope.
7:36 am
pat brown, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thanks, betty. we'll switch gears. time to get a look at the weather outside. and lots to look at
7:37 am
7:37. that's a look at our weather. >> 7:37, airline mergers. just kind of all -- >> you are good. >> up next, a billion dollar merger of united and continental. we'll find out if it's a good thing or a bad thing for travelers when we come back. whd i could do the weight watchers plan entirely online. my gosh, i was a total couch potato; i think i shared a blood supply with the couch.
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after rejecting the idea a couple years ago, continental and united announced plans this morning to finally merge. it will create the world's largest airline.
7:41 am
but is it a good deal or a bad deal for passengers? let's ask cbs news travel editor peter greenberg who joins us from washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> you and i have been talking about this now for a couple of days. overall, does this feel like a good thing? >> they've been trying to merge for about ten years. the new airline will have ten hub, it will fly to 370 destinations over 59 countries. it will take the third largest care yes, united, merge it with the fifth largest carrier, continental, call it united and it will become the largest in the world. every executive you will talk to will tell youhrinking their air. >> what do you think it will mean to airfares? >> well, it's the law of supply and demand. right now they only compete on 13 long roots, but it's the
7:42 am
small hall and i go thul that m difference. a number of destinations where both service those community, you'll see a reduction in service. it is inevitable. >> which will h probably end up meaning an increase in fares. what everybody was asking around here. so what happens to frequent flyer miles? >> i'm shock that had someone would ask that question. bottom line is this. initially nothing will happen because remember united and continental already combine their programs. however, availability is the key here. and if you've got fewer flights and fewer seats, that means fewer available rewarsd. but this doesn't kick in until at least the fourth quarter. it has a lot of hurdles to get over before it happens. >> the other question that's interesting is years ago united had kind of a sterling reputation, continental was great and then it went into bad times. it's in better times thousand. you make a choice between united and continental, what do you think of the choice of the name? >> it's interesting.
7:43 am
it will be the united name, but the planes will be painted in continental livery. they have a new model called let's fly together. i guess they will be for a heil. the bottom line is united doesn't have a stellar service reputation. this is the airline that intentionally disconnected its customer complaint phone lines. so they have some work to do. >> okay. peter greenberg, thank you very much. up next, lashing out at jay leno for the first time. conan o'brien tells his side of the late night wars story. this is "the early show" on cbs. traveled to fairbanks, alaska. home of one of the coldest, longest nights on the planet. and asked frequent heartburn sufferers to take prilosec otc for two weeks. the results? prilosec otc's 24 hour heartburn protection gave a whole lot of people their days and nights back. ♪ [ cheering ] [ man ] prilosec otc has let me live the life that i love. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc.
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in his first interview since leaving nbc, conan o'brien compared the split to a marriage breaking up suddenly and violently. as for jay leno, listen to what o'brien told "60 minutes" correspondent steve kroft.
7:47 am
>> was it in the back of your mind that, look, if i don't do that well, they could just pop leno back in? >> i'm a paranoid person. i'm the kind of person that can come up with lots of negative scenarios. but i remembered thinking that seemed like a -- that was a stretch even for me. >> you've got this nondisparagement agreement. >> do you have a copy? because i haven't read it in a while. i keep one in my wallet. >> you do? >> anytime people come up to me, hey, so what's the deal with jay leno? hold on a second -- he's a fine and good man. i have so many people say this to me. hey, partner, you got screwed. and i always tell them, no, no, i didn't. i didn't get screwed. i'm fine. it didn't work out. >> most people think you got screwed. jay leno thinks you got screwed. jay leno thinks he got screwed. >> how did he get screwed?
7:48 am
that part to me -- jay's got "the tonight show." i have a beard and inflatable bat and i'm touring city to city. who can say who won and who lost? i'm laughing because crying would be sad. >> has jay reached out to you? >> no. >> no calls? >> no. i do not -- i do not think i will be hearing from him. >> do you believe he acted honorably during all of this? >> i don't -- i don't think i can answer that. i can just tell you maybe how i would have handled it. and i would do it differently. >> you wouldn't have come back on the "tonight show"? >> if i had surrendered it over to somebody publicly and wished them well and then -- i would not have come back six months later. but that's me. >> absolutely fascinating part of the interview where conan says, you know, the irish catholic in me believes things
7:49 am
happen for a reason. and kroft says i think that's lutheran. >> i found it interesting that jay leno -- >> and to finish the point, he says i feel like this -- i'm where i ought to be. sorry. >> although they haven't spoken even after all of this. you would think they're going to come across each other at some point in time. >> here's the deal you can't forget. they're very funny people. it's a business. it's a business. and there are winners and there are losers. and that's the stark reality. >> and there's the godfather and people get killed. >> that is very diplomatic. >> we'll be back right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] share your goal at and we'll celebrate you in times square. and to help you take the first step, we've lowered prices on more than 100 helpful products like vitamins and calcium.
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hello again, it's 5:54 and on the way to work, it's wet. and sharon's been watching the traffic and marty's in the first warning weather. >> it's feeling great outside. here's the first warning doppler and we'll have shower activities in the area for the next couple of hour and the forecast calling for a break in the action today. that could help us get a thunderstorm and as we get to the sunshine. it will be human and the mid- 80s and now, over to sharon gibala in wjz tv traffic control. well, hi, marty, it's been busy and we have several accidents to talk about.
7:56 am
one on 95 southbound approaching white marsh delay and then, you'll continue the delay between whitemarsh and 895 and the second crash approaching 95, an accident in windsor mill and milford mills and another one in the east avenue between pearlman and colinton. franklin to the beltway, 83 southbound, slowed to middletown and mt. carmel. there's the beltway times and speeds and 895, this is brought to you by friendlies. 70 salads made fresh and grilled fresh, that looks good bullying in west baltimore elementary schools cause some to consider sue'd and now -- suicide and now,the ceo of the schools is asking for the community's help. >> reporter: he admit that is the administration must do more
7:57 am
to keep the elementary schools safe. bullying has turned violent. this 8-year-old girl transferred schools because of the bullying and teachers have been bullied. they think it's troubling because of the kid's young ages. they'll check to mike sure proper protocols were followed and the community and parents should take responsibility also. and andy harris wants to go to washington, d.c. to repeal the health care reform law. he's trying to unseat the democratic seat. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station, up next, the oil spill, the white next, the oil spill, the white house is continuing to [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ]
7:58 am
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8:00 am
i tell you, this morning when i woke up about 4:00, looked out the window, the rain coming down was almost tropical. >> i didn't even hear the rain until i stepped outside and i thought, oh, no. happy monday, folks. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith along with betty nguyen. maggie is off this morning. >> coming up, important information on how women can reduce their risk of getting uterine cancer and it could be as simple as a couple of cups of coffee every day. plus we'll get an in-depth look at just why experts are so worried about the oil slick and its effect on wildlife along the gulf of mexico.
8:01 am
we'll talk with animal expert jeff corwin in just a little bit. but first, here's chris wragge at the news desk this morning. good morning. at this time it's not believed saturday's attempted car bombing in new york's times square is tied to any known terrorist organization. but authorities are looking for one possible suspect. bob orr is in washington with the latest for us this morning. >> reporter: no one's yet been arrested, but investigators say they do have some strong leads. and sther's looking for a person of interest spotted by a security camera in midtown manhattan. investigators now are pressing a search for the man in this surveillance picture. a camera a half block away from the explosives filled van captured these images of the man acting suspiciously around the same time smoke was seen coming from the vehicle. >> we're currently examining video that shows a white male in his 40s in schubert alley looking back in the direction of
8:02 am
west 45th. he also was seen shedding a dark colored shirt, wheeling a red one und nooet. >> reporter: because the device did not explode and the car was not destroyed, police have a wealth of forensic evidence and investigators are using motor vehicle logs and toll booth records to show the ownership history and recent movements. u.s. officials are brushing aside this claim reportedly from the pakistani taliban which says the attempted bombing was to avenge the recent deaths of key al qaeda leaders. but the incident does bear some of the hallmarks of an islamist terrorist operation. a high profile target crowded with potential victims, and it's strikingly similar to this 2007 propane bomb attack at the glasgow scotland airport. we have to say there's no solid evidence the new york and glasgow attacks are is connected, but homeland security is increasing patrols at east coast airports as a precaution. also, officials say there's no credible intelligence pointing
8:03 am
to a wider threat and they don't believe any car bombs are in the pipeline out there, but with so many unknowns, nothing can be ruled out. chris? >> bob orr in washington for us. thank you. a court convicted the loan gunman in mumbai. a pakistani is accused of gunning down dozens at a train station. he'll be sentenced tomorrow. india blames a pakistani militant group for the attack. warren buffett owns a $5 billion stake in the investment bank goldman sachs. this weekend he told his shareholders that he plans to keep his share of the company. rebecca jarvis spoke with him and joins us this morning. >> and i caught up with buffett at berkshire hathaway's annual shareholder meeting where he drew a record crowd of 40,000 people. what struck me most about america's favorite investor was his unyielding optimism about the state of the economy. >> nothing is going to sink this country. you want to bet against america,
8:04 am
you'll lose a lot of money. >> reporter: warren buffett's been betting on america for almost five decades. in that time, the berkshire hathaway ceo has returned an average of 20% every year to his shareholders. now 20 months after the near collapse of the u.s. economy, butch at the ti buffett says most of his businesses are hiring again, but the unemployment rate remains a very high 9.7%. >> we'll really come back pretty strong now. the unemployment comes back very slowly, but the american public was totally panicked by what happened in the fall of 2008. they were frozen in place. and it took a little while to get over that. and the government helped them get over that. >> reporter: buffett also remains supportive of banking giant goldman sachs even after revelations late last week of a criminal investigation into the firm's investing practices. take goldman sachs, $5 billion you have with that company. do you still trust them? >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you think -- what will to you if america
8:05 am
loses some trust in that company in. >> they've lost some trust. that's happened because of the news.>> they've lost some trust. that's happened because of the news. >> reporter: do you have a recommendation for how they can restore that rust? >> my bisk recommendation is get it right, get it fast, get it out, get it over. that's easier said than done. >> reporter: getting it right, does that mean maybe new management? >> no. it means getting the correct factual story out. >> we also tuchled touched on financial reform being debated in congress and buffett says it's unclear whether the reforms could have prevented the financial crisis, but he believes it marks an important progress for this country. >> getting it right sounds like a pretty good policy. >> everyone would love to get it right. >> rebecca, thank you. here now is skatity couric with a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. a heroic decision thousands of feet in the air. meet the texas woman who was plummeting to the ground when her parachute didn't open and the stranger who came to her rescue and lived to tell the tale.
8:06 am
"assignment america" tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> and here is dave price with another check of the weather for us this morning. let's go to the maps. take a look at the headlines. a couple things going on in the corners. number one, the southeast of the united states seeing heavy rain. part of that same system that brought the tornadoes and the rough weather to sections of the gulf states just 24 hours ago. and in the northwest,
8:07 am
the showers we're going to widen this down a little bit. this is not cooperating. we'll look at at the forecast today and come back to the radar. 84 is the high and we'll lose the rain soon, we'll get a few breaks of sun and d
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by subway restaurants. subway now has breakfast. build your better breakfast, only at subway. seven past the hour. and that is a look at the weather as we begin this 8:00 hour. >> thanks, dave. as the massive oil slick continues to approach the gulf coast shores, there is growing fear about the devastation it could cause to local wildlife and their habitats. jeff corwin joins us with more now on that from gulfport, mississippi. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. of course the people who live along the gulf are no strangers to hurricanes. but what's churning along these coasts is something vastly different. and the overall mood here is one of nervous anticipation as this community braces for the impact that could hit the local natural resources, which are, of course, are hallmark to the region.
8:09 am
at first glance, all looks serene. black skimmers glide look the water in search of food. but just offshore, an unprecedented environmental catastrophe is drifting this way. >> it has a great potential for wiping out the entire population along our coast area. >> reporter: 12,000 lease turns used to inhabit these shores. now they're only 2,000. it only takes about 20 days for the eggs to hatch and then another 20 days for the chicks to to actually leave the nest which means right now is the most critical period in the life cycle of these birds. and it's estimate that had more than 400 species would be impacted by this spill. dr. mobi is prepared to house and street treat up to 200 marine animals. for now his hangs are empty
8:10 am
except for a lone dolphin. if it things stay on court and this spill hits the way it's predicted to, how will this place be transformed? >> there are about 3,000 to 5,000 dolphins from here to the mouth of the river. so if many of them start coming in, it's going to be overwhelming. >> reporter: on sunday, a rescue team from his center recovered 13 sea turtles that have washed to shore, an unusually high number. while scientists have yet to determine if oil caused their death, there is concern that the turtle may be the first victims of this oil spill. the "exxon valdez" spill in 1989 left more than 2350,000 animals dead. if the spill in the gulf continues to flow at its current estimated rate, it would take only about six weeks to eclipse the valdez spill. >> there was a finite quantity. they knew they had 11 million gallons. here, we don't know. >> reporter: harry, the great challenge down here is we don't
8:11 am
know exactly when or where or even if the oil is going to hit this region. but what we do know is that when it does, it could potentially have a devastating impact in the local wildlife down here. so scientists are really trying to grapple with the challenge to maintain these species and to come up with a plan to save these animals. >> what happens to an animal if, for instance, it's swimming through -- we don't know exactly what happened to those turtle. but if they were swimming through that oil, what happens to them physically that would cause them to shut down and die? >> reporter: excellent question. for example, let's look at a dolphin. this is a marine mammal which means it breathes air. when it comes to the surface of the water, when his blow hole opens up, he will be breathing in oil and he can drown on the oil it takes in to its lungs those birds we featured are very rare animals. only 2,000 of these left. they also ironically feed in the
8:12 am
waters where the oil is. so when they go into that water, if they're not immediate will killed by the oil saturating their feathers, minimally they'll take that oil and feed to their off spring. what we have here is the ultimate pandora's box. and as this oil leaks out, and it invades the ecompany system, there's no way to get it out. >> some people have said the exxon value deez was much heavier crude, a little bit of a different situation. is there a way to compare this and exxon? >> reporter: well, one comparison that we could make is that both of these spills could have a dramatic impact. with valdez, a powerful impact on that local ecosystem. influence are big differences. up in prince william sound, the waters were much deeper. and the tides were far more rigorous and turbulent. and believe it or not that actually had a positive impact on the overall spill. here what we have are much
8:13 am
shallower waters. and it tends to have more of a stagnant effect. so when that oil comes in, it's here to stay. >> wow. jeff corwin, thank you very much for your expertise this morning. do appreciate it, sir. >> thanks, harry. up next, some important news about coffee and cancer when we come back. build your better breakfast at subway! for only $2.50, get a western egg white muffin melt, made-to-your-order, and add a 16-oz. cup... of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. try the new $2.50 breakfast combo at subway. ♪ try the new $2.50 breakfast combo at subway. as long as there's sun, you and your family can go have fun. because banana boat blocks up to 96% of harmful uva and uvb rays. so you can go, go, go, confident you're protected from sunburn and long-term skin damage. banana boat. we've got you covered. while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries.
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let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get mom the colors of spring with great hanging baskets and container plants at our everyday low prices. in "health watch," coffee and uterine cancer. it's the most sxhon cancer affecting women. about 42,000 new cases were diagnosed last year and more than 7,000 women died. now some good news. a new mayo clinic study says coffee can actually reduce your risk. our dr. jen fenifer ashton has details. i'm not really a coffee drinker, but i may start now. how much do you have to drink? >> the study look the at over
8:17 am
20,000 women after menopause, found that those who consumed 2.5 cups of coffee per day had a significantly lower risk of uterine cancer. so put another notch in the column of coffee's benefits. >> what is it specifically about coffee? >> they're not sure. and obviously a lot more research needs to be done. this study did not find the same protective effect with other forms of caffeine unfortunately like chocolate or tea. but it might have to do with insulin levels or estrogen levels. it's really not clear. but, again, mounting evidence that the benefits of caffeine outweigh the risks. >> who is most at risk when it comes to uterine cancer? >> generally we say women who have high estrogen exposure. so those who might have a late menopause, who are obese, because excess body fat is another source of estrogen production. some women are infertility problems. and certainly women who have a rare but hereditary form of a
8:18 am
colon cancer, if you're not sure whether you're at high risk, absolutely you want to ask your gynecology fwis. and uterine cancer is treatable, so what are the symptoms when someone may be worried that perhaps they could have it? >> really the biggest one is abnormal bleeding. over the age of 35, if you're having abnormal bleeding or an increase in discharge, a change in urinary habits or pelvic pain or cramping, absolutely you want to talk to your doctor. >> and screening tests are out there? >> endo meet tree alibi on that city is a simple office procedure nap eat best screening test. but it's not widespread, so it's ways order symptoms and risk factors. >> so i need to start drinking coffee. but besides that, are there other things you can do, as well? >> the important things to reduce your risk other than the obvious ones like watching your diet and exercise, actually birth control pills can lower your risk of uterine cancer and that risk protection is seen up to ten years after discontinuing birth control pills.
8:19 am
again, you want to balance the risk versus benefits of oral contraceptives, but that's a good way. breath fe breast feeding can lower the risk because it drops your estrogen revels and diet and exercise very important. you want to keep your overall body weight down. >> and you want to add 2.5 cups of this to this diet. >> not more because we know that too much caffeine can have its effects. >> coming up in tomorrow's health watch, new information on birth control for women. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs "health watch" sponsored by kashi. seven whole grains on a mission. for all the moments that make every day special.
8:20 am
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the art of getting clean powerfully formulated wisk® is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. michael weatherly is here
8:22 am
from i guess marginally successful -- >> what's the name? >> cni -- ncis. >> yes. >> oh, that one. >> you know, one of the great parts of the show is this business here. >> the slap. >> you mean the bald spot? >> no, no. and i would just -- you play mark harmon, i'll play you, and just hit me once so i have a feel for what it feels like. >> excuse me, can i play mark harmon? >> it's not this, it's this. >> the nicest thing about mark is that besides the fact that he's a very good actor is that he's almost got the skills of a mime. he'll just do that and they add a little sound effect. >> okay, do it and i'll react. >> a little too quick, harry. >> this time we'll just -- oh, i got you. >> i heard a little bit of a smack. >> be careful, this is the host of the show. >> welcome to nci zmt a.m.
8:23 am
>> don't get any ideas. >> welcome to nci zmt a.m. >> don't get any ideas. >> expand the brand.,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
hole low again, it's still wet. i-95 in that picture, we'll have the latest on traffic after weather. well, an unusually warm day's start. what we're seeing is an end to the rain. give it about an hour or two, the steady rain will be out of here and the forecast calls for a break in the thunderstorms later on. 84 degrees is the high. and wjz tv traffic control? well, it's been busy and another accident to report. this is on 95 northbound approaching route 100 the second accident in the nearby location.
8:26 am
and a crash in glenn oak and one at windsor mills and one more at colins ferry and regions court and 795 southbound, 15 minutes and harrisburg expressway, five minutes and six minutes on the jfx. there's the drivetimes and the speeds. all in the 20s and the drive times in the 20s as well as the top and the westside. there's the old fort road and there's a look at 95 about 12 minutes there and the traffic report is brought to you by bob evans farm fresh wrap. visit their website and discover their farm fresh fitness. and in the news this morning, the baltimore city school's ceo is calling for the community to rid the schools of bullying. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: he admits that the administration must do more and
8:27 am
bullying a violent in some schools. an 8-year-old girl transferred schools because of the bullying and the teachers are claiming they've been bullied and the most recent cases are troubling. they'll check to see if the proper protocols are followed and he says that the community and parents should take responsibility, too. don, back to you. a montgomery county man will be in court charged with trying to rape an 11-year-old girl. the 31-year-old followed the girl into her apartment building and her 16-year-old cousin was there and chased him away. the police are searching for a lead about human remains that washed up. the police are checking missing person's reports at this point. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station.
8:28 am
the ncis stops bay to talk about his leading roll and spring cleaning is nothing new spring cleaning is nothing new and it's ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. weathering the storm, our amazing crowd out here this morning on a monday. got a lot of ufrof university o york here. a monday. coming up, get ready, ncis fans, you know this guy, right? michael weatherly. he'll stop by to talk about the wildly popular show now in its seventh season, highest ratings ever after seven years. >> did you see the sign that he brought? >> i love waking up -- he
8:31 am
brought that. or did you bring that? >> i'm kidding. that's sharon's. >> and we'll show you how decorating cupcakes can be assist easy as pie or a piece of cake. either way, it can be creative and fun. look at that. do you believe those are cupcakes? we'll show you how to do that. i'm going to try my hand. dave, i'm not so sure i'll be good, but we'll try. >> let's take a check of the weather. see what's happening all across the country. here we go to the maps, batman. looks like we're t t
8:32 am
8:33 am
hello, everyone in western pennsylvania. betty, inside to you. >> you're single, you're indicatindating, but you're not having much fun. how do you get out of the rut? let's talk to andrea and ian. let's get right into this because you say date a nontype. what is that? >> a nontype is a guy who is not on your usual checklist of what you're looking for. so if you usually go for extroverts, a nontype would be an introvert fp or if you say
8:34 am
you would never date anyone long distance, your nontype might be across the country. but if you keep dating the same type of person, you have to try something new because your match may be actually the one you haven't tried dating yet. >> if he's not what i want, why should i shoot for that? >> well, i agree that it's nice to expand your boundaries a little bit, but a little sometimes you hear the word type and you think, oh, bad boy or bad girl. you're just dating the same person over and over again. but i want to say that sometimes having the type is a good thing. it's sort of the person that you're usually the type that you're attracted to, the type whom you share values with, maybe a similar lifestyle. so having a type and seeking out your type sometimes can be a really positive thing. >> that's true. okay. but some will argue, an dree, a you're asking people to just settle. settle for what they don't really want. >> absolutely not. i've dedicated the book to women who should never have to feel like they have to settle. i think we're settling when
8:35 am
we're just checking off superficial boxes on a checklist. and to your point, i think it's absolutely about core values and important criteria, but sometimes we're so focused on the paper checklist, we miss our match because of that. so that's really the heart of my book. >> do you agree that it may be possibly settling or should you reconsider what you're looking for? >> i think it's a little of both. i think the reality of the dating world today is it's very hard especially for single women. i meet confident, attractive add indicated successful women all the time. they would love to meet their type and they're not. so they do need to change their approach. on the other hand, you can't just change your type out of pressure because then you are just settling. so i think it's kind of getting out of that head space of pressure. >> when i talk to my girlfriends, a lot say i want him to be funny, kind. but a lot of them will be very truthful. he has to be good looking, he's got to be successful.
8:36 am
andrea, you say forget about it. >> definitely you should be attracted to the person. and i want to qualify something. if you're turned off by the person, don't date that person. but i'm simply saying that it has to transcend those things. tall, dark, rich, handsome. those are great things, but if you don't have more than that you may actually wake up in an unfulfilling relationship. >> on the other hand, you really have to look at where do you share values. if you have material goals and you're dating a starving artist type, it might not end up working out in the long run. let's be honest. most divorces in this country, the number one reason for divorce are financial issues. so it is important to really be aligned around some of those core values like money. if you don't feel that click of chemistry, that click of attraction, that might be a bad thing because know with my
8:37 am
wife, she would have been out there have a long time ago. >> it's not whether a guy has money, it's how is he with money. and looks and money are the most dynamic factors that we can invest in. there's to saying if you meet a guy with a great job who looks a certain way that that will withstand the test of time. so what i'm severally saying is definitely check off those boxes that your values are aligned and that you're attracted, but it has to go deeper than that. >> a lot of women grow up with that fairy tale, that prince charming who has absolutely everything. so as we listen to this, what should be the new checklist? >> i came up with a number of checklists in the book to help guide women towards their match. so by all means i think checklists are great. one of the checklists i came up with is called the four essential ingredients and that is the person a good partner, lover, companion and friend. and i think -- >> i didn't hear looks or money anywhere in there. >> it's not in there. and bonus points if you get it. but i think if you have those
8:38 am
four ingredients, you're already on your way to a successful relationship. >> i would just add to that humor. like really being able to laugh your way out of a situation. humor is essential. i think also having a balancing personality. like my wife and i, we don't stress about the same things, so i can sort of bring her down when she's getting a little tense and she can do the same with me. so just having balancing personalities. >> a lot of women kind of get into this rut in the sense of that's who i'm looking for, it's hard for me to break out of that because that's what i'm attracted to. so how do you change that? >> sock kra tis says an unexamined life is not worth living. and an unexamined relationship is not worth reliving. so if you are single, if you are between relationships, i think getting a book like andrea, that has some of these checklists, that sort of helps to you look in the mirror and break some of those patterns is important. and the other thing is we all get lonely. we all want to be in relationships. and you can't act out of just that feeling of loneliness. >> learn from your mistakes
8:39 am
about. >> if your dating life were a movie, how would it begin and end, what character would you play. >> hopefully it's a romance. thank you so much. harry, over to you. with a weekly average of more than 20 million viewers, nc icht s is the number one scripted show on television. michael weatherly stars as the charming yet romantically challenged special agent anthony dinozzo. >> when were you going to tell us? >> tell you what? >> that you were in a committed relationship. >> with who? >> the ever lovely brenda bittner. >> where did you hear that? >> she posted it 7:14 a.m. this morning. >> i left her place around 7:00. >> and michael weatherly is with us. good morning. >> good morning, harry.
8:40 am
>> so -- you are the perpetual frat boy in this show. >> that's true. >> is there a little bit of maturing, that you're on the cusp of? >> i hope not. because i have far too much fun going to work that you're on thp of? >> i hope not. because i have far too much fun going to work every day and playing mr. dinozzo. and we were just talking, it's been about 72 hours since i took off my badge, and we've enter what had we call hiatus, which is where we have our little summer break and i haven't shaved and i'm truly relaxing before your eyes, america. but it is essential i think to the show, take "all in the family," another great show -- >> a classic. >> a classic. meethe meathead comes down the stairs. you don't want him to become
8:41 am
more politically centralized. he has to be the lefty so that archie can be the -- >> and we need that expectation of that kind of bad boy behavior from you. >> those are the rules of television. >> how xwrat guying is to you, here you are on your seventh season. the show did well out of the box. but it has grown every single year since. and now in year seven, for it to be the most successful scripted show on tv, what is it like to be in the middle of all that? >> i'm pretty sure that this is some kind of lucid dream and i'll wake up and we'll be in the middle of season two. it's very strange to ride that -- a sense of accomplishment and everything. it's much more gratifying to come in seven season than right out of the gate, the heat of a show and all of that. and luckily we've got david mccollum who has been in everything from billy bud and
8:42 am
the man from uncle and everything else. >> a great cast. >> harmon is a kg veteran. and we have this great group. >> i love the camaraderie in the cast, which you don't trust the man and you're going on get it done no matter what despite the bureaucracy. >> i tried to get out of a speeding ticket recently. and i said i'm just driving like gibbs. and the officer said who's gibbs? and i said, you know, on the tv show ncis. was ready to sign the hat. no. >> you found the one guy who doesn't watch the show? >> law enforcement in california is not impressed with -- >> and lacks a sense of humor perhaps. >> no, no, he was very funny. >> speaking of funny -- well, maybe it's not funny. we have an opportunity here. you sing. let's hear it. ♪
8:43 am
>> you've been talking to my mom. >> there is a cd available from the sound track of the show and there with nora jones and some of the other major artists, you sang, also. >> when i first moved to new york 20 years ago to become an actor, i got fired very quickly from three different restaurant jobs. i thought you could make a cappuccino by whuting whipped cream on coffee with, you know, maybe a swiz he will stick. and so with really all sources of income depleted, i took my guitar and went down to the subway and started playing did i tellitys. and i found that was great because a train would come every 15 to 30 seconds. so you didn't have to be that good for that long, you know. just the chorus. >> just so long as you keep banging out the chorus. >> i i'd make 15, $20 and then could i eat. >> michael, great to see you. continued good luck on the show. really appreciate it. enjoy your summer vacation. >> i am looking forward to it. >> and you can see the new
8:44 am
episode tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on cbs. boy, do we have a treat for you. everyone loves cupcakes. and decorating them can be almost as much fun as eating them. i'll have to test that out. we have great creative morning . it seems almost impossible for someone like me to be able to make this, but you say it's as easy as pie or cupcake. >> we're just using simple ingredients that you can find at your grocery store, convenience store. cookies and candies that you're already familiar with. >> we like going right into the pantry and grabs things like we already have. this first one is just a marshmallow. >> and we just nip them in half and toss them in sugar. >> and we'll show you something fun. you want to make your own colored sugar, you don't have
8:45 am
any at home. >> no, i don't. >> put a few drops in there. >> in a zip lock bag. >> look how pretty that is. >> and that's what you dipped these marshmallows in in. >> exactly. >> and we've gone from that to -- we'll get to what the whale is made up before but i'm fascinated by the chinese take out. how did you do that? >> those whales are amazing. what are they made of? >> it's twinkie. >> we have some frosting in a zip lock bag. just all over. no particular pattern. >> whatever you want to do. >> and it has two colors. the chocolate on the outside and
8:46 am
as the frosting pipes out, it gives you two colors like soy sauce. >> you are always -- >> let me -- >> is that too many noodles? >> no, that's perfect. >> this is major fun. could i i could do this for hours. >> for the broccoli, we have a green fruit chew slicing it in half length wise. i've got green frosting. >> so that's your adhesive? >> yeah. and we'll pipe a dollup on either end. we have the green sprinkles and you have your broccoli. >> and right there you have the rest of your lo mein. >> and what are the carrots made out of? >> those are toot did tsie frui
8:47 am
chews. >> and what is this? >> oh, my gosh, look at that. >> harry, that looks like soft serve ice cream over there. >> want to show you guys a couple other fun things. do you remember these? >> circus peanuts. i love those. >> when they're fresh, they're delicio delicious. but we snipped them in half and cut them into fins in the body. >> what is that, a gold fish is this. >> a gold fish. >> some m and ms for the eyes. >> put this down so they can see it. >> it takes a little bit of imagination. >> we say to people put your candy detective hat on. there's all these candies that you can use and make these wonderful things. >> did you split this in. >> i snipped it in half, opened it up, put a little bit of frosting and dipped it into the green sprinkles. and for the scallion, we used the twizler. >> what is this? >> a pink fruit chew for the
8:48 am
pork. >> this is a kraft carmel, rolled it out. and made fortune cookies. >> where did the ideas come from? because all of this is so creative and so gorgeous. >> well, sometimes it comes from the candy, but we discuss things back and forth and it's like what you can do for mother's day. these flowers were originally the ears from our dogs in the first book, hello cupcake, and it evolves. >> is that a duck? >> this is a duck. >> made out of what? >> half of a marsh fellmallow a donut hole. we heat it in the microwave and dip our structure to coat it. so that's what gives you that great coating. >> like that ice cream cone you
8:49 am
get in the summer. >> and stuff you can easily find in your house or down at the store. that's simply a donut underneath the frosting and rolled in sugar. >> this may be one of the coolest segments ever. right? >> i am impressed. hey, look. not too bad, right? >> you put it in a little chinese food container. >> your first try, you got it. >> karen, alan, thank you so much for your time today. and more cupcake decorating tips on our website. we'll be right back. you're watchings cbs "early we'll be right back. you're watchings cbs "early show.",,
8:50 am
8:51 am
i may have found the golf courseky seriously score on. >> although your shots normally would end up in the water.
8:52 am
>> i'm going to put that in instead of a lawn. >> it's so creative. >> really cool stuff. >> you're impressed? i did pretty well. if only the broccoli was as healthy takes shouas it should . >> i'm amazed at people who can just close their eyes and say i'm going to make something nobody's thought of before. because i've never seen anything like any of this. >> and you use donut holes and twinkies. >> and the great part is that it's all diet. >> if only the broccoli had the right nutritional value. >> the committee has not recognized these people before, it's criminal. >>upcakes. >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. ,,,,,,,,
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